1. Look of Luv 1

From the recording Dr Dilla

Where do I start here? This song is the first of a 4 part series where I tackle different parts of my most recent, and honestly my most painful break up. We all go through that at some point lol. But this one really knocked the wind out of me (but also sparked a great evolution in me). This part of the tetralogy showcases the beginning, where the first night I met her I felt something very special. The future was bright, the butterflies in the stomach were fluttering like crazy, and I told my dude T, "I'm gonna marry that girl. I feel it." he just said "arite" and walked away lol. but I remember that night clearly. This isn't a step by step reenactment, but it gives you an idea

My Favorite Lyric - "i take a sip of courage just to get my words right/ be weird to start a conversation off with love at first sight"